Property is one of the eminent asset owned by an individual as it can help you to survive easily at times of problems without selling it out. Although selling the property is one option always available to you but why to sell when you can easily get cash by keeping it on a mortgage. You can easily get a secured loan against your property and meet your need of capital. Loan against property or LAP is one of the most convenient loans which you can get for fulfilling your urgent need of capital. In Loan against property, you will get a certain percentage of your property’s market value as a loan amount. This percentage generally ranges amid 40% to 60%. In LAP your property serves as a security against the loan amount i.e. in case you fail to pay the loan amount the lender reserve the right to get his amount by selling your property. You can take the loan against property for fulfilling wide range of requirement which includes –

Expanding your business
For the higher studies of your child in abroad
For marriage of you son/daughter
For the purpose of funding your dream vacation and a lot more.

For getting the loan against property one of the basic requirement is to have a property on your name. You need to own the property for getting the loan against it. Another requisite for getting loan against your property is that there should not be any other encumbrance on the property you are putting as the mortgage. In addition, LAP is only applied against the property which is collateral and its terms of repayment can extend amid 5 to 15 years.

Loan against property can easily be raised for a self-occupied property, rented residential property as well as the commercial property. It is one of the best ways of raising the money.

There are many advantages of raising the loan against property. Have a look at few of the best advantages of LAP –

You get the loan quite faster in comparison to home loan so you can meet your need instant need of capital.
The property remains in your ownership so you can carry on its normal usage.
You can get up to 70% of the value of your property which can amount maximum to 5cr and that a good sum of money.

The only disadvantage of LAP is that if you fail to pay the loan in full, then bank reserve the right to take the possession of your mortgaged property. Thus, the decision of taking loan against the property should be based on your repaying capacity. We help you to get the maximum amount of loan against your property as well as make the process less time consuming and easy for you. We help you to complete all the required paper works in a short span of time. We have a tie up with more than 50 banks in order to help you to get the loan easily for meeting your instant requirements.